Getting to Know Your Child's Brain

Over the last ten to twenty years, a lot of progress has been made in understanding brain development. There is still a lot to be learned, but much of what has been discovered remains in scholarly journals inaccessible to many parents. This book provides basic, up-to-date information about brain development that is concise, easy to read and full of helpful advice to parents who want to raise positive, happy children.

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Tressa Ralya Reisetter is a neuropsychologist in private practice in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. She also works with schools to assist with special education assessments. Parents are often surprised and thankful for information she provides them when explaining the information the assessments have uncovered. She wrote this book to share information on brain development with parents beyond those she works with in Minnesota. Dr. Reisetter earned her Ph.D. from Ball State University. She also has a BA from Wartburg College (Iowa) and a BM (Bachelor of Music) from Iowa State University.